Are you able to read comfortably with the tv on?

As I try to read through the book Rushed by Brian Hamon, the television is on ( not my doing). I find that even though I can drown out the sounds of Hannah Montana. Unfortunately though I can’t seem to concentrate completely on this book that so far is interesting. What are you thoughts on this? Are you able to read comfortably with the TV or other distractions? Or do you seem to lose concentration more easily?



  1. Susan Cain (author of The Power of Introverts) attributes this difference to neurological differences present in introversion vs. extroversion. Apparently, introverts are more easily stimulated and that is why external stimuli is sometimes too overwhelming for them , whereas it takes more external stimuli for an extrovert to experience the same internal reaction. She suggests that this neurological difference is why some people can read with the tv on and others can’t. According to her theory, then….it would be mostly introverts who can’t read with the tv on and extroverts who can. This is obviously not going to be true of everyone, but I still found the neurological explanation for it all very interesting!

  2. Hmmm..well i do see myself as a bit of an introvert ao i guess that would make sense for me!! Haha

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