My thoughts on the book kite runner

Well, how do I begin? I was, ahem, forced to read this book in my senior year as a final project. At first I was less than enthusiastic. Not because I didnt like to read ( which I do!) But because there were so many reviews about it from previous students that had to read it as well. But as the pages started unfolding in front of me, I vegan to get sucked in into this enigmatic world! Halfway through the middle, I found myself confused as to who to root for and who to hate. Rarely does a book make me love and hate a character so much. Even my former classmate who hates reading found himself unable to pry his eyes away! That’s when you know a book is good! At least I think so! Haha. The writing, the description, the senses that it ignites, makes this book a heart wrenching yet wonderfully woven book. If you haven’t already read or have doubts, STOP reading these ramblings and GO. FIND THE BOOK AND READ IT. It will not disappoint you! Happy reading!