Poison study book review

Yelena is imprisoned for commiting a murder that she has no regrets about. She soon faces but death penalty, that is until she receives a startling opportunity. She is offered to serve as a poison taster for the emperor. Her instructor, valek, catches her eye with his seriousness and poised state of mind. Being the poison taster, however has its disadvantages. She is held to her job by an antidote only available through  valek. If she leaves, she faces death. Soon, though a budding romance ensues along with other friendships and mysteries that keeps Yelena on her toes.
This book honestly had me hooked from the very beginning. I thought that I could stop after a couple of pages, but alas that was not going to happen. I found myself drawn into yelenas world and soon her situation became all too real. I highly recommend this book to anyone. Also don’t miss out the other two books that follow: Magic study and Fire study. Happy Reading!