Reading challenge? I’ve heard a lot about it, but now I want to do it! Reading challenges can be fun and at times, challenging! Haha. But who doesn’t like a good challenge? So therefore I want to do a reading challenge! Any recommendations?:)



  1. I usually set my reading challenge as a goal to read a certain number of books…..but last year I saw somewhere in the Blogosphere (sorry, can’t remember where) the idea of challenging oneself to reading books outside of one’s normal comfort zone….so if you don’t normally read classics, then pick five classics to read by year end….or choose an area of the world and then read books written by authors from that part of the world. I’m doing both of these challenges right now (I’ve often found that classics are hard for me to get into and even more difficult for me to finish so I’m really pushing myself) and it is exposing me to some interesting stuff I may not have read otherwise (I chose Africa). Would love to hear how your challenge goes….and what you end up deciding to do! Happy Reading—CC 🙂

  2. Ive personally have challenged myself to eithet read a few classics this year or books that i previously overlooked or havent given them a chance yet. Good challege btw!! Hmm i wonder if i could choose an area of the world?..thank you! Ill update regularly!

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