My thoughts on Net galley so far

Ok , so even though I mentioned that I became a member of net galley today, I will talk about my experience so far ( deal with it :P) Soooo..without further ado:

I LOVE IT!!! there are so many books that are available for instant download. In just a few hours I already found 10 read now books that I can’t wait to tear through. There are also books that are available via request. You must be approved by the publisher in order to receive it ( yes, you have to wait, and yes sadly you may be declined)

Expectations? In order to get more publishers to send you their books or invite you to read them, you must REVUEW REVIEW REVIEW. Post as many reviews as you can, and if you have a blog..even better!!

Soooo..I totally recommend this site! Because even if you have to wait for a requested book, there are plenty of “read now” books available to chew up your time. With thus amazing site, I definetly will not have much problems completing my challenge.

So why are you still reading this boring post? Go…NOW!!!

P.S. Once again, thank you readrantreview!



  1. You’re welcome! Feel free to get into contact with us if you have any more problems.

  2. I have so much fun discovering new books on there too! I recently signed up for Edelweiss, a site similar to netgalley but I find the interface not add pleasing as the latter.

  3. I’ve enjoyed it as well! I’m currently reading hit and run that I was just approved of recently! I requested shadow study but was denied 😦 but I “appealed” with the publicist xD. I checked that out too but it’s not pleasing to me at all actually

  4. Edelweiss is not as well-developed so I still stick to using netgalley. There’re so many requests for Shadow Study and I would request too except I only read the first book.

  5. I could tell because most are titles I’ve never heard of. I can imagine since the series is so popular. I’ve read all 3. They’re so good!

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