Rushed book # 1 Book Review


So yay! I finished my first book of the year!!! ^…^ today I finished the book called Rushed by Brian Harmon. It tells the story of Eric, an ordinary high school teacher that has constant, recurring dreams that have him waking up with an urge to get up and drive or just go,go,go! Two nights in a row he chooses to ignore his almost violent compulsions, but on the third night, he cannot control it anymore. His at first seemingly innocent ride leads him to a barn, and soon into a journey that it is almost impossible to comprehend literally!
  Armed with only his cell phone as a “compass” , his dream that shows him the correct path, the encouragement of his wife Karen, and other interesting “people” along the way, he must somehow find his way to the cathedral. But why? And why is it so important that he gets there?
   From page one, this book had me intrigued. Before that, though, I found myself putting off this book for many weeks. I surprised myself that I finished 388 pgs in only 4 days! Filled with freaky animals, humor, originality, and adventure, this book will surely grab you by the throat!!



  1. I’d love for you to review my book! It’s the first and a series of seven and hearing reader reviews makes my day! Plus it’s currently free! The title is, ‘The Water Travelers’ and if you do find time to read it I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts!

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  2. I would love to review your book! I’m always excited to find new authors that are willing to share their work. As soon as I’m done reading the current book I am reading I will get to The Water Travelers. Approximately how many pages is it?

  3. Pages vary on the format you download, but it’s 92,550 words! And thank you so much! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and everything.

  4. Oh alright awesome! You’re welcome my pleasure! I’m currently 20% into my 2nd book but I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it since it does not hold my interest as much. So I should be able to start your book next week and I will definitely post a review on my blog! Thanks for sharing your book with me!

  5. Okay thanks! And sometimes interest goes up and down. For me, when it goes down I like to mix things up to make it more engaging. I don’t know if that helps!

  6. Mixing things up definitely helps! it keeps the reader thinking..since this book isn’t very long from what I can see, I’ll probably start yours this week, since the premise sounds engaging! Welcome!

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