Hit and Run book review

So yes I did rush through the book a little bit. The reason for this was because the story itself seemed a bit rushed and the names of the characters sometime jumbled together. However, the twists and turns were interesting and kept the book new. The story involves Delilah West, a P.I. struggling to make ends meet. She is almost run over by an uncontrolled car, but manages to escape. She finds a body in the middle of the street and assumes that the car must of hit the elderly gentlemen. Upon her word, the man is sent to jail. However, upon the mother’s insitence, she looks more into the case and begins to have second thoughts. As she delves deeper into the case, what she finds out is truly unexpected. This book contained romance, some wit, and humor.

Name:hit and run. Authour: Maxine O ‘ Callaghan. Rating: 3/5