Hit and Nun book review

Title: Hit and Nun
Author: Peg Cochran
Rating: 4/5


Brief synopsis:  Lucille has enough on her plate trying to keep an organized house, trying to get her granddaughter baptized, and trying to lose weight. But all those problems take a back seat when the owner of her favorite pizza place falls dead at her feet..literally. With the help of her best friend Flo, she decides to take on the case on her own.

Review: Knowing that this was the 3rd book in a series, I knew that some characters would already have been introduced. Despite that, I didn’t feel lost with the characters. As for the main character, Lucille, there were times that she made me laugh and times that she made me roll my eyes or cringe. I stilled enjoyed her and her silly antics. Reading about a middle aged woman solving crimes with no detective background to speak off really leaves you with a fun filled taste in your mouth. Overall, it was a very lighthearted read filled with humor. Eager es to read the other books in this series

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review