Unenchanted an unfortunate fairy tale book review


Title : Unenchanted an unfortunate fairy tale
Author: Chanda Hahn
Rating: 4/5
Brief synopsis: Mia Grimm’s luck can’t get any better. Literally it cant. All her life, unfortunate and mysterious and downright strange events have plagued her. This leads to constant moving at the persistence of her mother. Mia at first chalks up her misfortune to her awkwardness and clumsiness..until a heated discussion with her mother reveals the secret of a curse, that if not solved, will lead to her demise.

My review: What can I say, this book has sat on my e-bookshelf for quite some time now. Even though the cover appealed to me greatly, I was still hesitant to read it because I thought it was going to be cliche. Boy, was I wrong. This story takes fairytales to a whole new level. Mia discovers that she’s plagued by the Grimm curse which has plagued her family for decades. None of them have been able to finish all the stories that need to be completed in order for the curse to be lifted  and the end has always been the same: death.  I liked the twists and turns that this story took and I also understood the emotions and feeling of Mia, given the fact that she is a teenage girl. Her best friend Nan is just a riot and kept the story flowing smoothly. The ending of the book really threw me a curve ball and I even gasped (yes I really did). So yes fellow readers, I do recommend this first book of the series ( and you can even start reading it right now because it’s free on amazon!!!). I’m excited to read the 2nd book in the series ( but sadly I can’t pay the 2.99 right now 😦 )

P. S. Concerning my last post, I know I said that i was going to finish this book Tues or Wed, but it was so good that I just wanted to get to the ending!! So I have to make my decision tonight on the next book that will start my week
I’m leaning towards Marie Antoinette,  serial killer, since it is a library book.



  1. This book sounds exciting! I’m definitely going to check it out on my Kindle! Awesome review!

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