Marie antoinette, serial killer book review


Title: Marie Antoinette, serial killer
Author: Katie Alender
Rating: 4/5
Brief synopsis: Colette Iselin’s dream is finally coming true. She is traveling to Paris with her two best friends. However, the more days she spends in Paris, the more she feels a connection to the place. A persinal, eerie connection. Add that to the fact that she’s seeing the ghost of France’s queen, and that she is connected to an ancient organization, and she has more on her hands then she can handle. However, seeing the ghost is one thing,facing imminent death at the hands of the ghost is another.

Review: At first, this book was a bit hard to get into. The main character Colette was annoying and self centered to say the least. Even towards the middle and near end, she rubbed me the wrong way. However, her character grew and developed as her circumstances and attitude changed. With that being said, the setting  and plot of the book was very intriguing and also original. Although I managed to figure out the plot twist a little towards the middle, it still had enough back bone to where it kept the story moving along. All in all, it was a good lighthearted read. Would I recommend it? To the right audience, yes



  1. Well since it was lent to me from a middle school library, it may appeal most to a younger crowd due to the setting and characterization. Of course, any one can find pleasure in this book, as with any book, but it does have a somewhat simplistic nature

  2. It is a somewhat uncomfortable title for middle achool..and there IS a “serial killer” but it’s been drastically watered down for a younger audience but I do see your point

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