Gone girl book review

Title: Gone girl
Authour: Gillian Flynn


Brief synopsis: On Amy and Nick’s fifth anniversary, all seems well…until Amy disappears. Slowly, clues and discoveries start unraveling that point to Nick as the killer. A cold,calculated killer. But despite his coldness and aloofness towards the investigation, is he really the murderous man that the clues make him out to be? Or is something just not adding up?

Rating: 4/5

Review: I’ll admit, at first, this book took me awhile to get into. It was mainly because of the confusing description at first. But as the story kept moving along, I found myself getting sucked in even more. With all the twists and turns that this story had, it was an explosive story. The swearing, however, had me cringing and shaking my head. But aside from that, it was a story that kept getting more and more mysterious. Now I see why this was classified as a psychological thriller. Would I recommend this book? If you can overlook the excessive swearing ( which I hardly could ) then yes I would recommend this book.