Weekend reads

So I decided to do what booktubers and other book bloggers call “weekend reads” and it’s just a summary or description of the book that you are reading or are currently reading this weeknd.
Soo..without further ado..

My weekend read is the kill order by James dashner. I started it today and so far I’m on page 41 ( I know i know, such little progress xD). I’ll update on Monday if I have finished the book ( or if not, let you know what page I’m currently on)

P.S I may not be able to do this every weekend for lack of reading material ( but that’s what ebooks are there for, for when I don’t have a physical book at hand)

Anybody want to join me?:)

P.S.S I’ve been wanting to read some manga lately ( don’t know where that urge came from lol). Does anyone have any good manga that they could recommend me?:) I would greatly appreciate that 😀



  1. I’m finally reading “Stardust” this week-end. I should be done soon. I find it hard to give myself reading goals but if I don’t, I just end up watching TV. Hope you get to reach your objective!

  2. Hmmm I haven’t heard of stardust. Is it good? Haha me too! Or listening to music! Thanks!

  3. It’s a fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman. I’ve seen the movie adaptation three times before so I really wanted to finally read the book. I’m liking it so far.

  4. It’s a little hard to describe but in short, it’s about a young man who has to get a falling star to gain the girl he loves and he goes into a magical land where a lot of crazy things happen.

  5. Ohhhh I remember now. I’ve heard about that book, but I haven’t seen much hype around it

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