The Liebster Award! :)

So first of all, I would like to thank Josies’ book corner for nominating me for this awesome reward!!

Here’s her link so you can check this awesome blogger out:


So the questions that I have to answer areee:

1. Favorite book you read this year?

Hmmm, I would have to say the Death cure by James Dashner. So many emotions passed through me at the end of the book!

2. Pick a character you like and a song they’d serenade to their other half

The character I like would have to be Newt from the Maze Runner series. And the song he would serenade to his other half would be Guardian angel by Jumpsuit apparatus

3. A quote that inspires you

Reach your hand into the darkness to pull out another hand into the light by Norman B. Rice

4. A character you would date if they were real

Definitely Minho from the maze runner series. He’s so quirky, yet serious and loyal when his friends are in trouble. He could take me on a date any day ( if I wasn’t married of course )

5. A book that surprised you or a book that you didn’t expect to like

For me that book was to kill a mockingbird . I read it in middle school for a class project, so I didn’t expect to like it. But boy was I surprised!! Such a gripping novel!

6. Name an author you’d love to meet and pick their brains

Definitely James Dashner!!

7. What is your favorite kind of book to read on a cold winter day

It would have to be a coming of age story or a tragic story to suit the mood

8. Do you have a book that you read every year or have reread more than one

Hmmm not at the moment

9. Favorite ending to a book

It would have to be the ending of death cure

10. A book that made you cry

None come to mind unfortunately lol

11. A book you believe every book lover should read, no matter their preference

Definitely Among the Hidden by Margaret Haddix

The bloggers that i nominate are:

Liam’s library
Becca and books
Tasmin Jade
Daniel Waltz
Charlotte M

The bloggers above will answer the questions that I have answered above ( yes I am at a blank and cannot make up a new set lol)


The Rules

1.) Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog

2.) Display the award on your blog

3.) Answer 11 questions about yourself

4.) Nominate 5-11 bloggers ( that less than 200 followers)

5.) Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer

6.) List the rules on your post

7.) Find a way to inform those who you nominate



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