Can you read with distractions around?

So, lately I’ve been finding out that I can’t seem to concentrate as much as I wanted to on reading when the TV was on around me and my family kept talking. Normally, that doesn’t really faze me that much and I can typically stay concentrated. But in the past few days I haven’t been able to read with others in the house ( unless I close the door of whatever room I’m in..and even then it’s hard) so I guess that spoils my reading during the weekend and evenings:(. I guess I have to read as much as I can when I’m alone in the mornings so I can make my TBR for this month ( although honestly I’m not stressing too much over it since I’m moving we’re moving this weekend) alright enough with the pointless rant haha.

   What about you? Can you read with distractions around?



  1. I personally can read of there are distractions around. But if people start directly talking to me, I can’t. Most of the time I can read in noisy situations because I get very engrossed in any book that I read. But sometimes I just can’t and need to go somewhere really quiet.

  2. I wish i could do that! I mean I CAN but I just can’t follow the story so much even if I’m engrossed in it

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