The Darkest Minds book review


Title: The Darkest Minds

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Rating: 4/5

   I read this novel in 4 days, so that should give you a hint to how much I loved it!!

   The characters were so endearing because you could see just how much weight and pain they had to carry around them like beacons.

  The plot also drew me in with so much force that it left me reeling until the end 🙂

The plot : Gave me the feeling of the X-men and I LOVE those movies. The plot at times, though,  went at a slow pace, but it was only because it was a build up of a particular twist.

The characters:

Ruby : I both loved and cringed at the decisions that Ruby made, especially trusting someone that CLEARLY wasn’t worthy of it just so she could control her abilities. Some decisions I understood while others left me wanting to strangle her!! What she did in the end though, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it

Liam: I LOVED Liam, because he was such an in depth character with so many flaws, yet with so much enthusiasm to remedy them. His compassion and always wanting to see the good in others was truly heatwarming, and his love for Ruby, well you’ll have to find out in the book lol

There are other characters in this book ( like Chubs, Zu, and Clancy ) but I don’t want to give too much away 😉

All in all I absolutely loved this book and I am more than eagered to read the sequel as soon as possible!!

Bottom line: Do I recommend? Yes!!